Is Goal Orientation Better than Process Orientation?

💢There are Two Kinds of People, Based on their Targets and Ambitions. One is Goal Oriented, Other is Process Oriented. Do you think you already know which one you are? Or you want to know, How to recognize which one you are?💢

⭐Traits of a Goal Oriented Person

They are ready to do any amount of Struggle, and go through anything to attain a Goal. These people are laser focused on what they want to achieve. This is a Good Trait for a Person’s Career, but like other things, the coin has Two Sides. Sometimes the things that have to be done to achieve the Goal may be Unethical, Or Hazardous, or Very Risky from a Business Point of View. If you are the kind of person who can Ignore the Last Sentence, You Belong to this Kind.

⭐Traits of a Process Oriented Person

These people enjoy the Journey, more than the Destination. These people live their lives to the fullest, and cherish the tiniest bits of the Journey. While this is a more enjoyable route, there are flaws in it too. To enjoy the views, and enhance your own experience, you have to Slow Down, free from the Worries of Future, only enjoying the Present Moment. So, it’s natural to reach your destination late, as compared to the Goal Oriented People. 

👀 I am a bit of Both, more inclined towards the Process. I like learning and transforming to my better self, with every progress. 👀

🤔 But, What makes the Goals so Important? It’s because Process would cease to exist in absence of Goals. Any process finds its significance, from the Goal it’s attached to. When Goals have clarity, Process becomes Optimized Automatically. 💪

💆 Swami Vivekanad defined Poison as, “Excess of anything is Poison.” This applies here too. 💆

💥 So, my suggestion to Youngsters is to Follow a Path which is a Mix. Attain your highest performance, while enjoying the Process. Sacrifice of the Journey, is not a Good Way to Reach Destination, because you’ll not be Able to Enjoy it. 💥

😅 If excess of Goal Orientation is Your Nature, it’s inevitable that, as soon as you find a Goal, you’ll not stop and enjoy the Goal, and rather start towards a New Goal without taking your moment. Life is a Sum of Smallest Speckles of Energy and Time. Use them Wisely. 😅

👉🏼 Be Process Oriented.

👉🏼 Live the Journey.

👉🏼 Make becoming Process Oriented Your New Goal

👉🏼 Be Aware of the Bigger Picture all the Time. Have a Helicopter View of the System and keep the End Goals in your mind (without obsessing over them)

Keep Living, Keep Rocking, Stay Healthy and Safe. 

Lots of Love


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