Business Consultant, Ashish Dixit, helping your Business get Flooded with Lead Generation

I will be your Business Advisor, a Ninja Consultant on your Side, who will increase the Cues of Customers in your Business. We will work together on Fixing your Marketing, and build a Lead Generation System for your Business, so that it’s never in scarcity of Clients.

You do not have to Understand a thing about Facebook Ads, or Google Ads, or Landing Pages, or Sales Funnel or even the Content Creation Portion. I will release you of all the worry about learning or getting bothered about all these things.

After we are through with our program, you will have High Quality Hot Leads, which will readily convert with a Phone Call and we will increase your social media following as well. I will do this with a 5 Week program in which we will do the following things:

An Extra Week before the Start: (Set-Up) In this week, we will make your landing page and do some initial preparations required for a Continuous Flow of Work. I will focus on doing the research required for your Product/Service and make the Landing Page and Funnel in this Phase. All these things will be battle tested by my team, so that they won’t crash in the real case scenario.

Week 1:(Foundations) Together we will make some Ground Rules about Approvals (of Content we wanna Post about you) and Timelines, so that once the war commence, we will have no doubts or points of disputes. In this phase, we will start the execution and will discuss the plan with you on its full length. (Leaving aside the Technical Details.)

Week 2: (Earned Traffic/Organic): Here we will start your Social Media Appearance and focus on Growing your Organic Following. We will dedicate intense focus on Building your Following and get you very Focused traffic on your Fan Page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Simultaneously, we will start your Paid Ads, on a Separate front so that you start getting the leads right from the beginning. These ads will drive initial traffic and give us the required data for optimizing the campaign. This is where you will start getting the Leads.

Week 3: (Paid Traffic): In this phase, my primary focus will shift towards Optimization of the Ad Campaigns, while secondarily I will keep working on your Social Media Handling. This is where the leads will grow even more.

Week 4: (Delivery and Reports): Further optimization of Campaign and Budgets, I will find out the best mix of Keywords and the Channels for your Promotion. This phase will be about making every penny count for you, and deriving value for money. I will make sure that all the money invested at marketing, will drive at least 4- 5 Times Return on Investment for you.

Sounds like a plan. Right? Well this Standard Operating Procedure we discussed above is Proven and has been very fruitful for a Lot of my Clients. So, prepare your workforce for delivering their best, in whatever roles they play for you. There is so much work coming ahead. Prepare yourself, for the impact we are going to make, together while Your Digital Consultants, and Digital Assets work for your Business, even when you sleep. I would love to discuss your Business, in a Breakthrough Strategy Session. Click Here, to book your session.

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