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I help Beauty Professionals Grow their Dream Business through
Astute Online Marketing

If you’re an Ambitious and Growth-Hungry Beauty-preneur, struggling for Clients, have wasted a Lot of Money on All kinds of Wrong Advertising Media, and still have no Clue why Clients are not Coming to You.

Imagine a Transformation of your Business where

  1. Your Business is Completely Booked for the Next Month, and your Business Volume has increased 3X than it used to be.
  2. Having Consistent Appointments, ensuring your Peace of Mind, and freedom from the Constant Worry of Waking to an Empty Shop Day.
  3. Overwhelming response on your Facebook and Instagram Pages, where people can’t wait to try your services, not just increasing followers.

I have figured out Exactly How to Do it

Beauty Salon Owner

Meet, Sakae. She is a Spa Owner from Australia who has been associated with us for more than 6 Months now. She took the Leap of Faith and Got the Results that she wanted, No, Deserved!! We generated more than $1,00,000 worth of Sales for Her, in a mere span of 180 Days, which is 4X her ROI on the Ads


“Ever Since I Hired Ashish, he has been tremendously helpful with my Business. His whole team is very co-operative. I’ve never Once felt like I am a Customer. They have always treated me like a Family Member. Well, this was how I feel about them, but end of the day, what matters more is Business Results.

1st Month Sales Volume – $6300

2nd Month Sales Volume – $ 13,700

3rd Month Sales Volume – $15,400

4th Month Sales Volume – $17,000

They have brought so much value to my Business, that I am overwhelmed and at a loss of Words”

Sumiko Hayate

Founder, Glitter Girls

Partners Salon

“Hi Everyone, My name is Jason, and the guy on right is my Partner John. We are running a Salon Business in Partnership, in Amsterdam. Goes by the name J&J Salon. I am the more optimistic one amongst the both of us, in general. My partner, as usual was Skeptical at First, in Hiring Ashish, but I was convinced. I saw a Great Opportunity for Growth, and I didn’t want to let it go. After a little “Board Discussion”, we finally went on a try for 1 month. The Results obtained were as per the Word Given. The best thing about Ashish is that he sets the expectations Right, and holds on his Words. Now, it’s been 3 Months of Work, and We’re far more than Happy.”


Meet Diana. She is the Founder of The Heaven Valley Salon in Texas. She was struggling with her sales post COVID 19 lockdowns. The situation was so bad that the Rent, Salaries and all the other Overheads had to be paid from her Pocket. In the face of Tough Times, her memory Clicked and She dug out an E-Mail from her In-Box. It was my Mail sent to her 5 months prior to the catastrophe. Rest was Easy. 

Booked a Meeting –> Had a Live Discussion Session –> I Decided she’s a Good Fit, and we can help Her –> Made a Proposal to Her       –>She liked the Proposal –> Got Onboard –> Got Results –> We’re ahead of the Bad Times Now

These are some of Our Happy Customers, who are nothing less than Family. We love them and they reciprocate the Feeling. We have been designing their Ad Campaigns, and Generating Leads for them for at least a Quarter. They are so Happy with the Results that they won’t even like to hear proposals about Social Media Management, from Other Agencies.

Apart from Love, there is One more Very Strong Reason they Trust me. It’s because I make Hard Claims and then meet my Deadlines. I give them Proposal of Tangible Deliverables, in terms of Sales Volume, rather than confusing them with Vague Results

I have been Empowering Entrepreneurs for almost 3 Years Now, because I think these are the only people who can make the World a Better Place. And I love to play a Minor Role in their Success Stories.

They are the Heroes of the Story, while I’m a mere Facilitator, who helps them Get There. Like them, I can help you too, if you Allow me to. Book a 100% Free Breakthrough Strategy Session, and Discover a Whole New Dimension to Achieving Excellence in your Field. Click the link Below for making the Booking